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Types of Spiral Wound Gaskets

Depending on the size of the flange and the pressure and temperature at which the gasket will be used, there are several types of spiral wound gaskets available. These are made from different materials and feature different designs. In general, spiral wound gaskets are used to seal flanged joints that are subject to high changes in pressure, temperature, or fluid flow. These gaskets offer good recovery characteristics and are resistant to blowout.

Most spiral wound gaskets are made of flexible graphite, which is rated to withstand high temperature. They also provide excellent chemical resistance. Some gaskets are made of polytetrafluoroethylene, which is not suitable for high temperature applications. These gaskets are often used to seal pump casings. They are used in the oil and gas industry, as they are resistant to corrosive elements.

CG Style spiral wound gaskets are the most common type of spiral wound gasket. They have a solid metal ring on the outer diameter, which allows the installer to center the gasket. The ring also reduces the turbulent flow of the fluid. It prevents debris from building up in the annular space. It also prevents the windings from buckling inside the pipe.

The outer ring of a spiral wound gasket is typically made of SS-316. The inner ring can be faced with graphite, PTFE, or any other alloy. This prevents the sealing element from buckling inside the pipe and helps to minimize erosion. The ring is also used as a compression stop.