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What Is an Exhaust Muffler Gasket?

An exhaust muffler gasket is a consumable part found in the exhaust system. When it's worn or damaged, it may cause exhaust leakage or poor performance. It's important to replace this part whenever you attach or remove your muffler. Exhaust gaskets are used for a variety of different exhaust systems, including silencers and intermediate joints.

Exhaust manifold gaskets are often made from embossed steel or a multiple-layer design. Others are made from high-temperature fibre material, graphite, or ceramic composites. There are also ring and flange gaskets found at various connection points of the exhaust system.

If you're looking for a replacement exhaust gasket, look for one with a beveled surface. These gaskets are round, and are often used to seal exhaust leaks. They are designed with a smooth inner surface and a bevel on both sides. This design helps to create a circular clamp force that prevents exhaust leaks.

The exhaust manifold gasket is essential to the exhaust system. It seals the gap between the cylinder head and the exhaust manifold to prevent gasses from escaping back into the engine. An ineffective exhaust gasket can result in increased noise and exhaust smell, and can cause damage to vital engine components.