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The Importance of an Exhaust Muffler Gasket

An exhaust muffler gasket is a small, yet very important, part of your car's engine. It's purpose is to keep your exhaust gases from leaking out of the exhaust system, which can result in an unexpected loss of power and efficiency. It's also worth mentioning that this item is commonly made from high temperature fiber or embossed steel.There are several gaskets in the automotive world, and each has its own functions. For example, an exhaust muffler gasket does not only perform the standard functions of a gasket, it also serves as a mechanical seal to redirect waste gas away from the cylinder head. It also may be an elastomeric component, allowing it to absorb and release heat and pressure.

The exhaust muffler gasket has a lot of other roles as well, such as a thermal insulator to keep the heat inside the cylinder. It also helps keep the radiator topped up. However, a faulty muffler gasket can lead to unpleasant smells. This isn't a very pleasant smell to have lingering in the cabin, especially during a road trip.If you're in the market for an exhaust muffler gasket, you'll be happy to know that there are a number of good choices to choose from. These can be found in most auto parts stores, and they're also inexpensive to boot.
In addition to an exhaust muffler gasket, make sure to check your engine's air filter and radiator. If the aforementioned items aren't in top shape, they could lead to an embarrassingly large increase in your fuel bills.