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What are the types of metal flange gaskets

Metal flange gaskets are designed to provide a tight seal to flange assemblies. They use a metal core machined with concentric serrations on each contact surface. These serrations provide an area of ​​high pressure for the inflow of the soft coating. This design combines the advantages of soft materials with the cutting and sealing integrity of metal gaskets.


Spiral wound gasket

Spiral wound gaskets are designed for applications requiring chemical resistance and fire protection design. They feature a conventional outer guide ring and an inner ring made of PTFE or graphite. These gaskets are available in different diameters and flange types.


Spiral wound gaskets are made of multiple layers of metal and filler material to create a strong and durable seal. This type of gasket is especially suitable for applications where strong loads are applied to the flange. Its materials have been carefully selected for their ability to compress and recover under load. The resulting seal is extremely robust, with long-lasting performance and higher pressure ratings. This type of gasket is also a good choice for applications requiring low loads or fluid bolt loads.


Spiral wound gaskets are used in industrial environments where high temperature and high pressure are common. They are highly reliable and provide leak-free operation throughout their life cycle. In addition, spiral wound gaskets are designed with an outer ring made of carbon steel that acts as a centering ring or guide ring.


Spiral wound gaskets are designed for flanges with an inside or outside diameter slightly larger than the outside diameter of the flange. They are also designed to prevent the accumulation of solids within the flange. They also minimize flange face corrosion. They are suitable for male and female pipe flanges.


Ring joint gasket

Ring joint metal flange gaskets are available in a variety of designs. These depend on the shape of the flange and the type of gasket to be used. Gaskets are usually made of softer metal than flanges to Kammprofile gasket manufacturer avoid damaging them and ensure a good seal. The first design was an oval washer with an oval groove machined on the flange face. Later versions of this gasket were octagonal, which had greater pressure capacity than oval designs.


Type BX gaskets are used for high pressure applications. It has a unique pitch diameter larger than flange grooves to balance pressure. This gasket is designed for use with API 6BX flanges and can withstand pressures up to 20,000 psi. Type BX has a special pressure equalizing hole on the outside diameter.


RTJ gaskets are usually made of steel or stainless steel, depending on flange material and pressure. Soft metal gaskets are pressed into fine grooves in the hard flange material. Unlike ring joint flanges, RTJ flanges have a raised face that transfers additional loads to the gasket to maintain joint integrity even when over-tightened or vibrated. These washers are easy to install and remove. They range in size from ASME B16.5 to 24''.


RTJ gaskets are more expensive than raised face flange gaskets, but provide the highest degree of protection against leakage. This type of gasket is used in high pressure applications but is not as common as raised face flanges. It is important to have extra RTJ rings on hand in case you need them.


Semi-metallic flange gasket

Semi-metallic flange gasket materials are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. A typical gasket diameter is one eighth of an inch larger than the contact ID. These gaskets are commonly used in petrochemical and marine applications. They also offer metal jacketed gaskets that combine the high pressure suitability of metal materials with the compressibility of soft materials. These gaskets are made from a corrugated metal core with a graphite cover. They are versatile and can be used in almost any configuration and maintain their integrity.


Semi-metallic flange gasket materials are a good choice for high pressure applications because they can withstand higher temperatures than non-metallic materials. They can also be used in ultra-high vacuum systems. The semi-metallic flange gasket material is ideal for these applications because it is lightweight yet still strong enough to withstand high temperatures and pressures.


Another option is spiral wound gaskets. Spiral wound gaskets are constructed from preformed metal strips that are alternately wound with a conformable filler material. They provide radial strength and elasticity and can also be reinforced by outer centering rings or inner retaining rings.


Semi-metallic flange gasket materials are usually made of a metal core and a sealing layer made of metal or PTFE. They are suitable for high pressure applications and can be manufactured to fit male and female